Er. Sameer Mishra

sameermishra sameermishra

Experience of more than 13 Years

He is always energetic, Honest, Hardworking & Enjoys the teaching. He has transformed several struggling aspirants into IITians/Medicose during this period. Students feel a lot energetic while listening to his lively and interactive lectures.

He starts from basic & raised to the higher level required for IIT/NEET/AIIMS aspirants to achieve their goals or get top in rank in IIT/NEET/AIIMS.


Mr. Ajay Yadav


Experience of more than 8 Years in reputed Coachings

He gives completely guidance in Chemistry Required to qualify the entrance for IIT/NEET/AIIMS, he makes friendly atmosphere in the class room.

He is always energetic, Honest and Hardworking. He believes in the saying, "Never compete . . . always dominate."


Er. Kisan Sir

kisansir kisansir

Experience of more than 4 Years

He is Mathematics champion for JEE Mains & Advanced with 4 Years of teaching exeperience.

His exclusive approach and unmatchable teaching style has made him famous among students.


Mr. Umesh Lal


Experience of more than 16 Years.

He is always Honest, Hardworking & Enjoy teaching. When he teaches in class room then even the weakest can understand the topic very easily. 80 + questions in previous years NEET Exam are from his classroom notes.

Due to his unique teaching methodology students can memorise all the concepts whithin the classroom.

He starts from basic and raises to the higher level required for NEET/AIIMS aspirants to achieve their goal or get top rank in NEET/AIIMS.

  • Are the torchbearers who inculcate the zeal to succeed in each student.
  • Bring out the hidden potential of each student through sustained and tireless efforts.
  • Give an extra advantage to the students by polishing them to perfection.
  • Possess excellent knowledge of curriculum and have high standard of teaching.
  • Promote positive behaviour with effective teaching and discipline skills.
  • Have a great passion for teaching which creates a stimulating impact on students.
  • The Gurus play a pivotal role in making the concepts crystal clear by making the most complex
  • problems simplified to the easiest grasping level.

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